Bayonne Festivals

Bayonne is about a 45-minute drive away, and its festivals are highly anticipated by the residents of the Southwest. They take place from late July to early August. Mixing tradition, music, gastronomy, and sports, the Bayonne Festivals are must-attend events year after year. Many celebrities enjoy participating in them.

Harvest Festival

The Jurançon wine festivals (AOC) take place between September and December. During this period, there are songs, poetry in the cellars, theater, and tastings organized around the grape harvest. This will allow you to spend an unforgettable and enjoyable time with the winemakers of the region and other artists.

©David Le Déodic

Salt Festival

The Salt Festival of Salies de Béarn is a special moment for the locals who, for 4 days, honor their “white gold” and their traditions with performances of Béarnese dance, unusual races, a craft market, local products, and float parades. A privileged moment for the people of the region.

Espelette Festivals

The Espelette Chili Pepper Festival takes place during the last weekend of November. Its name is known and recognized beyond the Basque Country. It’s a memorable moment of traditions and tastings.