Salt and Traditions Museum

Discover the history of salt springs year-round at the local museum located in a typical Béarnese house. In the heart of the city!


©David Le Déodic

Salies de Béarn Saltworks

Come and explore the production process, tradition, and taste quality of IGP salt from Salies de Béarn. A true local heritage…


Legend Bridge

Legend Bridge is located in Sauveterre de Béarn, about 10 minutes by car from the residence. It is the gateway to the medieval town of Sauveterre de Béarn. Along the Gave d’Oloron river, it’s a very pleasant place for a walk or a picnic. www.tourisme-bearn-gaves.com

“Serbat Museum / Château de Laàs”

The Serbat Museum is a grand noble house from the 18th century that showcases decorative art. Located about 20 minutes by car from the residence, this discovery is suitable for all ages, year-round. www.musee-serbat.com

Bayaà Crypt

The Bayaà Crypt is located beneath the main square of Salies de Béarn. It is illuminated with light displays that highlight the architecture of the crypt. Visits are organized throughout the year. www.tourisme-bearn-gaves.com